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Araba Shriners Divan Duties 

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  • He is the Chief Executive Officer of the temple and he shall exercise general supervision over the temple.

  • He is responsible to Shriners International for the government of his temple.

  • He shall require the temple, its officers and members, to observe Shrine law and the temple bylaws at all times.

  • He shall appoint the temple officers and committee members to be appointed.

  • He shall require that accurate records are kept and just accounts rendered.

  • He shall require that regular returns are made to Shriners International and that candidate fees, annual per capita taxes, hospital levies and assessments are promptly paid.

  • He shall require that the requisite stated meetings are held annually, of which one shall be the annual meeting to be held in January as provided in §3.1(b).

  • He may issue orders to Nobles, clubs, units, and organizations within his jurisdiction to comply with matters over which he has authority. All such orders shall be confirmed in writing and mailed to the affected Noble or Nobles.

  • He shall, with the approval of the Board of Directors, appoint a temple attorney. The temple attorney shall be a Noble and a member of the Bar who is learned and experienced in the law regarding the nature of the Shrine and its activities.

  • In addition to his other duties, the Chief Rabin, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, shall prepare and complete the proposed annual budgets of the temple required by §6.1 of these bylaws, for the ensuing year, in time for submission at the temple meeting at which the budgets are to be approved.

  • If the office of Potentate becomes vacant for any reason, the Chief Rabin shall act as Potentate until a special election is held and the office thereby filled.

  • The Chief Rabban shall preside at any meeting where the Potentate is absent. He shall be Chairman of the Finance Committee in addition to his regularly assigned duties.

  • He must prepare and complete the Temple operating budget for the ensuing year in time for submission
    to the Divan at their December meeting, at which meeting the Divan must approve the budget.

  • After the Temple has voted to send one or more of its units to an Imperial Session or a Shrine association

  • meeting to be held during the next ensuing years; the Chief Rabban and the Assistant Rabban shall have the
    authority to make contracts for transportation and lodging, provided however, that such contracts must contain
    any limits or conditions required by the m Temple.

  • The Assistant Rabban shall preside at any meeting where the Potentate and Chief Rabban are both absent.

  • Should all three (3) of the officers be absent a Past Potentate of the Temple shall preside.

  • He shall be required to furnish a bond to the Temple in a sum to be determined by the Finance Committee
    and the cost of the bond shall be paid by the Temple.

  High Priest & Prophet  
  • The elected High Priest and Prophet of a Shrine Temple has duties that are prescribed by the Bylaws of the Imperial Shrine as well as by his home Temple.

  • The High Priest and  Prophet of Araba is also the Shrine Hospital Temple Chairman who is responsible for organizing and reporting on Hospital fund raisers.

  Oriental Guide  
  • The elected High Priest and Prophet of a Shrine Temple has duties that are prescribed by the Bylaws of the Imperial Shrine as well as by his home Temple.
  • The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer and shall act as custodian of all funds to the Temple.
    Ascertain that all bills properly approved by the Finance Committee are promptly paid. Examine as often as necessary the financial record and books of accounts of the Temple.Give a financial report of the income and expenditures of the Temple at every stated meeting. Sign checks with dual signature of either the Potentate or the Chief Rabban or the Recorder. Any two signatures are required. The Petty Cash Checking Account will also permit the Office Manager and Assistant Manager as authorized signatures. Have a certified public accountant prepare from the books and records in the Temple office for submission at the annual meeting the following information:

    • A statement of the financial condition. 
      An annual operating statement. 
      Any other supplementary report or statement necessary to disclose the true financial condition,
      the nature and current value of the assets, the operating subsidiary or appending corporation.

  • He shall be required to furnish a Bond to the Temple in a sum to be determined by the Finance
    Committee and the cost of the Bond shall be paid by the Temple

  • It is the duty of the Recorder to keep accurate minutes of the proceedings of the Temple.

  • Issue Notices of every meeting to the members.

  • Keep a just and true account with each member of the Temple.

  • Present his books and papers to the Auditor whenever required.

  • Keep a Register of the members of the Temple, showing the name, age, occupation, date of Creation,  address and any withdrawal, death, suspension or expulsion, as the case may be; Blue Lodge, Temple, place of birth and date of birth.

  • He shall furnish his facsimile signature to the Imperial Recorder.

  • He shall hire or discharge office and other employees after consulting first with the Potentate and Divan. 

  • At the Annual Meeting render a complete report of the finances, investments, membership and any other matters of interest in which his office is concerned.

  • Before January 15th of each year transmit to the Imperial Recorder in the form prescribed, the annual returns for the Temple.

  • Remit to the Imperial Recorder the appropriate per capita dues as follows:

    • Before March 15th at least 50%.

    • Before June 1st at least 35%.

    • Before October 1st any unpaid balance.

  • Remit the appropriate portion of the initiation fee for every initiate immediately after the initiation to the Imperial Recorder, who will then issue a diploma of the Imperial Council, to candidate.

  • Issue official Shrine Membership cards to all members entitled, to same.
    Affix the official Seal of the Temple to each candidate and attest official documents.

  • Receive all funds accruing to the Temple and promptly deposit them to the credit of the Temple in approved Depositories.

  • Keep the book of account and records of the Temple.

  • Carefully preserve and file his memorandum of payment of all Temple obligations.

  • Draw all checks, vouchers or orders for the payment of obligations of the Temple, any sums due the Imperial Council, or other authorized disbursements, which have been approved by the Finance Committee.

  • Report the amount of all funds received and disbursed as often as the Temple or the Potentate may require.

  • Submit to the members of the Temple at each annual meeting a complete report of the receipts and disbursements for the preceding fiscal year.

  • Keep all budget control records and submit same to the Divan each month.

  • Cooperate with the Finance Committee as it may request and submit all bills to them for approval.

  • His duties shall encompass all activities of the Temple as ordered by the Potentate, and he shall control the custodian of the Temple.

  • He shall be required to furnish a bond to the temple in a sum to be determined by the Finance Committee and the cost of the Bond shall be paid by the Temple.  Furthermore he shall insure that all full time office personnel also are required to furnish a bond in a sum to be determined by the Finance Committee and the
    cost of the Bond (s) shall be paid by the Temple.

  • The duties of a Recorder cannot be delegated to a Scribe appointed by the Potentate.

  • He shall report any proposed single budget expenditure of $2,500 or more to the Finance Committee for review and approval